Mo' Monsters brings the fight to iOS

The monster battling game Mo' Monsters is now available for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
From Rumpus:

Trouble has erupted in Noru, the humble home of the Light Monsters. After a massive earthquake unleashes evil Dark Monsters, players must not only battle in turn-based combat, but also execute timed events correctly to gain buffs for their army. Ultimately, players must also capture and tame the creatures of the Dark to fight alongside them and eliminate evil from Noru.


- Take your monster collection deeper into battle, complete with special moves, buffs and elemental-based strengths and weaknesses based on real-time tactical execution.

- A starting lineup of 25 monsters to develop with mo' monsters to come in future updates, including seven more monsters in the upcoming Halloween update!

- Five types—Fire, Water, Earth, Sky, and Metal—with strengths and weaknesses against each other, and two alignments—Dark and Light—add an extra layer of strategy to battle.

- Timed events within turn-based battles that, if played right, help monsters unleash more devastating attacks!

- Multiple world maps with multiple locales are each home to mo' monsters to battle against and catch!

- Social features such as Facebook check-ins allow trainers to show off monster collections to friends, with mo' social features coming soon in future updates!

- Coins collected from battle as well as gem and gold (which can be converted into coins) purchased in-app to buy power-up items' monsters!

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Transmitted: 4/23/2014 3:06:30 PM