Like Reverb, get a Ravaged beta key

Reverb is giving away 10,000 Ravaged beta keys to gamers who follow the company on Twitter or like it on Facebook.
From Reverb:

To get a free Ravaged Beta key, go to Twitter or find us on Facebook and click Like

Ravaged is a Reverb-published, 32-player, first-person online multiplayer shooter designed specifically for the PC, giving players a vast array of weapons, ground- and air-based vehicles, and dedicated servers to provide maximum PC fun.

The closed Ravaged Beta has been a huge success to date, with Alienware giving out all 10,000 codes in less than 21 hours last week.

"Our community is clamoring for more social activity around our growing arsenal of great games, so we're delivering this unprecedented giveaway," said Doug Kennedy, CEO, Reverb Publishing. "We believe Ravaged, with its 32-player vehicular combat and team-based play, is the perfect way to engage and reward our fans."

Want to enter our Ravaged Video Director's Contest and win prizes of up to $3,000? Click here:

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Transmitted: 4/24/2014 10:10:20 AM