Free Realms gets first expansion

The Sunstone Valley expansion for Free Realms was released today.
From SOE:

Located northeast of the game's iconic Sacred Grove area and connected through the Shrouded Glade, Sunstone Valley treats players to a myriad of new content, including:

New Quests - nearly 50 new quests that expand the main storyline, dive deeper into Blacksmithing, and more

New Battles - more than half a dozen overworld Combat Areas and Boss Battles, and several Combat Encounters

Minigames - 30 Blacksmithing recipes that provide players the ability to craft shards, armor, weapons and pets

New Items - players can look forward to a slew of new items including housing items, consumables, rides and more

Picking up the story where the Gloam Invasion ended, Sunstone Valley allows free players to experience the game for as long as they like, while giving members the opportunity to earn incredible rewards to elevate their gameplay.

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Transmitted: 4/23/2014 4:21:03 PM