Retro Pocket channels LCD gaming onto DS

UFO Interactive
The portable LCD arcade game collection Retro Pocket will be available for download on DSi and 3DS on September 20th.
From UFO Interactive:

Designed and developed internally by UFO Interactive Games, Retro Pocket travels back in time, to an era when handheld LCD games were all the rage. Portable LCD games were simplistic, challenging and fun, and presented gamers with an ideal way to game on the go.

Retro Pocket revives this era of portable gaming by delivering eight all-original retro-style games packed into one downloadable title.

In Retro Pocket players are be called upon to rescue the lovely, damsel in distress from evil bottle-hurling thugs in "Kung Fu Hero," save eggs from being scrambled on the jungle floor and fend off sneaky snakes in "Egg Drop," strap on a hardhat and sort a seemingly endless supply of steel girders in "Watch Your Head," and more! Staying true to its roots, each game in Retro Pocket features two gameplay modes (Game A and Game B) that present players new and challenging ways to play each game, for a total of 16 game types in all!

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Transmitted: 4/18/2014 9:41:08 AM