End of Nations launches third closed beta

Trion Worlds
Trion Worlds today launched the third closed beta event for End of Nations.
From Trion Worlds:

The event went live at 12:01am EST last night and will conclude Sunday, September 9 at 11:59pm EST, and this time around the development team will be debuting Elite Companies - pre-configured armies that can be purchased and are built to serve a specific purpose.

Elite Companies will be available for both Shadow Revolution commanders and Liberation Front commanders and can be summoned into combat just like other units earned by players over time. Join us this weekend for the End of Nations third closed beta event and experience a true free-to-play, premium, MMORTS!

Gamers interested in obtaining access to the beta events can sign up through the official web site endofnations.com/en/beta

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Transmitted: 4/23/2014 1:06:41 AM