Back Forge, get instant access to alpha build

Dark Vale Games
Dark Vale Games is giving instant access to Forge to everyone who pledges support for the game's Kickstarter project.
From Dark Vale Games:

Dark Vale Games, an independent video game developer based in Southern California, is upping the ante in support of its Kickstarter campaign for FORGE, offering backers of the game the opportunity to "try-before-they-buy" with instant access to the Alpha demo of the game, which is available now for download and play. FORGE is a multiplayer-only PC game due to release in 2012 that bridges the gap between the skill-based action of shooters and the strategic player-vs-player competition of massively multiplayer online games.

FORGE's Kickstarter page can be found at

"We've always said that we want to run our business a little differently, to do what is right for those people playing our games," said Tim Alvis, COO/CTO of Dark Vale Games. "We're doing just that - we're giving PC gamers the opportunity to try FORGE's unique multiplayer by pledging money on Kickstarter but never having to pay a dime if they're not satisfied. As an added incentive, those who pre-purchase FORGE via Kickstarter now will receive a significant discount compared to the retail price."

Gamers will need to pledge to earn access to the Alpha, but won't be charged until the close of the campaign on September 8. By pledging to support the development of FORGE and pre-ordering the game now on Kickstarter, players will gain several advantages:

ALPHA ACCESS AND TRY-BEFORE-YOU-BUY: Backers of the game will now be able to play FORGE immediately via an Alpha demo available only to Kickstarter supporters. Alpha play will run from now through the end of the Kickstarter campaign on September 8. If players are not satisfied with the title's direction and experience, they can remove their pledge anytime (per Kickstarter rules) before the end of the Kickstarter campaign on September 8.

DISCOUNTED PRICE: FORGE is being offered for an exclusive price only for Kickstarter backers. The game is available for the minimum pledge of $15, a $10 savings off the $25 final purchase price.

BETA ACCESS: Backers of the game will also receive access into the already-full Closed Beta, scheduled for September. FORGE's 10,000-player beta filled incredibly fast with PC gamers hungry for something fresh. Pledging on Kickstarter will be the only way for PC gamers to join in on one of the hottest new games of the Fall before release.

Dark Vale Game's Kickstarter program has been dubbed the "Kick-Finish" because the game is well on its way to release and will come out no matter the result of the crowd-sourcing efforts. Rather than powering an unfounded concept for an entirely undeveloped game, pledgers will instead help Dark Vale Games finish a nearly complete title by providing funds for additional polish, the addition of future features now, as well as other enhancements.

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Transmitted: 8/22/2014 1:50:17 AM