Crazy Strike Bowling rolls onto PSN

Aksys Games
Crazy Strike Bowling is now available for Move for PS3.
From Aksys Games:

Play as one of six characters as you duke it out in a variety of crazy locations such as the ancient pyramids of Egypt, serene gardens of Japan or other amazing landscapes! Play by yourself or play with up to three other friends in this awesome party game! Use your character's special ability, knock those pins like there's no tomorrow, gain points, and unlock new outfits and costumes to give your character the best bowling fashion sense in all the land!


Let the Party Roll! Crazy Strike Bowling offers players a chance to use their best bowling skills to the test! Using the PlayStationMove Motion Controller, players aim, bowl and sometimes control their ball using their best strike-stastic form!

Customize Galore! Players can customize their character with new outfits or gain experience and unlock better bowling balls for more strikes and spares! With six character to choose from, including cuddly Mr. Jenkins, Crazy Strike Bowling is truly a unique experience!

Multiple Modes for Extended Fun-Filled Play! Whether players want to play a "traditional" bowling game via Exhibition Mode, or battle it out with their friends in Battle Mode, Crazy Strike Bowling offers three fun modes of play. For that extra dose of crazy, Challenge Mode offers players the chance to dodge "walls" and challenge their skills to unlock secret costumes, hidden locations, new characters and more!

Ultimate Party Game! Create Your Own Team on FaceBook and More! Players can create teams with friends on Facebook through PlayStationNetwork. Players can create team profiles and play against other teams, winning trophies that appear on their FaceBook page!

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Transmitted: 8/21/2014 6:02:27 AM