Offensive Combat opens beta for a No Key Weekend

U4iA Games
Offensive Combat has opened its beta to all beginning today.
From U4iA Games:

Available now through Sunday (8/19), the No Key Weekend will allow anyone to create an account at and jump into this free, irreverent mash-up of FPS archetypes, weapons and themes - NO beta key required. And, any player that logs on this weekend will get to remain in the closed beta even after the weekend closes.

The studio also announced plans to distribute an exclusive in-game reward for ALL closed beta players once the OPEN beta begins later this summer! Details soon..

Worlds collide in this irreverent mash-up of first-person shooter archetypes, weapons and themes, including surreal fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, and modern military -- PLUS lizard men in Hawaiian shirts and robots disguised as bananas! WTF? Players will experience some of the most competitive multiplayer action ever seen inside a web browser - without having to spend a penny on new hardware. Gamers of all types will be challenged to harness their FPS skills, creativity, ingenuity, and personality to win big and humiliate the competition. Oh, and did we mention that it's free-to-play? It is! Choose your maps, load up your arsenal and get ready to pwn 'til your cold, merciless heart's content...

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Transmitted: 4/23/2014 9:15:02 PM