Zumba goes Bollywood

The Zumba Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack and Zumba Wear Avatar Collection are now available to download on Xbox Live.
From Majesco:

Featuring stylized Indian choreography that has won fans over with its fun, high energy movements, the Bollywood Style Pack lets you dance with Zumba creator Beto, and celebrity Zumba instructors Kass Martin and Tanya Beardsley. Feel the Bhangra beat and get a sneak peek at the Zumba Fitness Rush Bollywood Style Pack when you download the free trailer. This three song pack includes both licensed music and contagious Zumba originals that will keep your body moving:
* "Beware of the Boys," DJ Punjabi (danced by Beto)
* "Bangalore Dreaming," Zumba original (danced by Kass Martin)
* "Start the Fire," Zumba original (danced by Tanya Beardsley)

You can also show off your style with the new Zumba Wear Avatar Collection that features a range of vibrant men's and women's apparel, from virtual tank tops, cargo pants and vests to the sporty Zumba Team Track Jacket and classic Zumba Fedora.

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Transmitted: 4/16/2014 4:19:27 AM