Three more from Evanescence coming to Rock Band Music Store

Evanescence Pack 02 will be available on April 3rd for Rock Band 3.
From Harmonix:

"Everybody's Fool," the fourth single off of the band's 2003 debut Fallen, leads off the three pack. It's followed by the emotional "Lithium," the second single from the band's 2006 studio album, The Open Door. "What You Want," the hard-driving opening track from Evanescence's 2011 self-titled third studio album, rounds out the pack.

These three tracks add to the growing library of songs available on the Rock Band Music Store, with new content being added weekly. "Evanescence Pack 01" is also available, featuring the band's hits "Bring Me to Life," "Call Me When You're Sober," and "Weight of the World"; "Going Under" is available via the Rock Band Network.

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Transmitted: 4/24/2014 4:47:55 PM