Answer movie trivia questions to win Redbox coupons

Now through February 5th you can win discount codes for your movie rentals with the Redbox/Scene It? Movie Trivia game.
From Redbox:

Scene It? supplied Redbox with 500 text-based movie trivia questions to power the Redbox Movie Trivia. Rewarding the most rabid of movie watchers, players can earn between 10 and 50 off their standard daily rental fee for the first night of rental, playing a round of 5 movie trivia questions. Players can earn one of these promo codes daily and use them at Redbox kiosks for any DVD, Blu-rayTM Disc or video game.

Scene It? Question 1:

What Brad Pitt movie featured the line "What's in the box?"

Visit to play and find out!

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