New Skylanders characters, adventure pack available

Cynder and Double Trouble, along with a new adventure pack, Empire of Ice, are now available in stores.
From Activision:

Cynder is a dragon of the undead element. Dark powers flow through her due to her difficult past, but she's trying to make amends with the other Skylanders. Her Spectral Lightning and Shadow Dash attacks can later be upgraded to the more sinister Cynder Flight, Black Lightning and Shadow Reach attacks.

Double Trouble, once an adept spellcaster, is from the magic element. His spells can be clumsy and misdirected, but he has plenty of ways to beat the baddies, including his Eldritch Beam and his exploding clones.

Last, Slam Bam comes with the Empire of Ice Adventure Pack and is of the water element. This yeti-abominable-snowman-looking guy has powerful Yeti Fists and Ice Prison attacks when bothered by bad guys.


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Transmitted: 4/18/2014 2:01:05 AM