By Jason Nimer

The Earth Defense Force games are a strange breed. The graphics are atrocious, the story is almost non-existent, the voice acting is B-movie awful and, judged at face value, these should be awful, bargain bin games. But guess what? They are more fun than they have any right to be, and eclipse even the biggest budget titles in terms of the sheer joy you'll get from just buckling in and going for the ride. The latest Earth Defense Force game, Earth Defense Force 2025, makes a few changes to the formula, but everything is as awesome as you either remember it, or will soon experience for the first time. That is, unless you plain hate fun.

The last Earth Defense Force game, 2017 Portable on the PlayStation Vita, was a blast and a half, and it looks like things haven't changed in the intervening seven years of EDF time (2017 to 2025). The alien bug invasion we spent hours beating back with all manner of weaponry has returned, so its time to jump back into battle with the ever-growing menagerie of giant insects, robots and beasties straight from the films of Count Floyd's Monster Horror Chiller Theater (if you got this reference, guess what - you are old and so am I). If you want more in the way of a story than this, you're going to be disappointed; EDF's drive is all missions and aliens, and as much destruction as you can possibly imagine. And it works just fine.

83%. It's far from awesome, but it sure is fun,