By Ned Jordan

After In some ways Disney Infinity is a lot like the Skylanders games. Put an action figure on a base connected to your console and it appears on the TV screen, a toy come to life as a video game character. However, it's not just Skylanders with Disney characters.

First off, there's an extra spot on the game portal. This spot is for the play set piece, which is used to select the game world you want to play in. The starter set comes with a special three-in-one play set piece that gives you three worlds - Pirates of the Caribbean, Monsters University, and The Incredibles. The play sets all have their own unique environments, storylines, quests, and gameplay elements: The Incredibles features a modern city under siege by Syndrome's robotic creations, Monsters University includes the college campuses of Monsters U and Fear Tech, and Pirates of the Caribbean is set across several islands that you can reach by sailing your pirate ship. When you're in one of the play sets you can only use the figures that correspond to that play set, so Sulley can't sail the Caribbean as a pirate captain. Since the starter set only comes with one figure for each play set (Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley, and Mr. Incredible), this also means that you can't play two player co-op in the play sets without buying an additional figure for each one.

79%. The Toy Box is the star of the game, so why does it take so much time to unlock it all?