ATV Offroad Fury 3 Review

Sony’s ATV racing games may not have made as much noise as some of the other extreme racing games out there, but they have delivered solid gameplay that strikes a good balance between a simulation of the sport and the fun of pulling off extreme (and in this case, realistic) tricks. ATV Offroad Fury 3 continues this trend and is a worthy addition to the series. ATV 3 comes packed with game modes and tracks, so even if you’re not a big fan of the sport you’re certain to find something that you like. If you love ATV racing, though, you will be in four wheel heaven.

A part of the game’s success can be attributed to the fact that the game makes it relatively easy to control your ATV and to pull of tricks. That’s not to say the game itself is particularly easy – you’ll still need to time your power slides right to get around a tight corner as fast as possible. The controls are well laid-out and an extensive tutorial will give you all of the time you’ll need to learn to race your ATV and go up against some competition.

Bridge out?

The main mode of ATV 3 is the ubiquitous career mode (here called Championship Mode) in which you must place third or better through a series of races to progress to the next race, unlocking additional circuits, tracks, and ATVs along the way. You can choose to compete in several different types of championships from the stadium style Supercross and Short Track circuits to the cross-country Enduro races. You can play any of the races individually, but not until you’ve unlocked them in the Championship Mode.

There is also a Freestyle mode that challenges you to collect pick-ups while trying to rack up trick points by unleashing trick combos, but this mode comes up a bit flat when compared to similar modes in other extreme skate and bike games. The trick system in ATV 3 is simpler than and not nearly as extensive as it is in those types of games, and so pulling off tricks on your own in ATV 3 just doesn’t generate that much excitement. It’s more fun to stick the tricks when racing against other drivers.

You’ll need to win races to advance in the championship and unlock tracks for play, but it is important to do it in style by pulling off tricks whenever you can. The reason is that the tricks will earn you points that you can spend customizing your ATV and driver. There are three ground tricks available, bicycle, wheelie, and nose stop, but most points will come from the aerial stunts. The first step is to preload your shocks as you approach a jump. Pulling back on the stick and then pushing it forward as you crest the jump will give you a big burst of air and allow you to pull off multiple tricks and combos. The tricks are performed by combining presses of the face and shoulder buttons and as long as you are level and straight when you return to Earth you’ll collect the points for your stunt.