Hot Wheels: All Out Review

Hot Wheels: All Out is a pretty basic racing game that seems to have little to do with Hot Wheels cars outside of the logo on the startup screen. Before each race you can pick from a list of Hot Wheels cars, but they all race in exactly the same way and are all so tiny on the race screen that it doesn’t matter which one you choose. After you’ve made your pointless selection that’s about it for the Hot Wheels connection and you find yourself racing laps on some rudimentary tracks in an angled overhead view. The track locations are a random assortment of locales from city streets to lava fields which doesn’t really make any sense. Each track has a jump or two and a set of pitfalls such as open manhole covers or potholes in the road, but they’re all essentially the same sort of thing. You have your choice of a few race modes, including standard races, elimination races in which the last place car is eliminated after each lap, and races against the clock. It’s all pretty repetitive and unexciting, and there’s not really any motivation to keep running the same boring races over and over again on the same tracks. There are far better racers out there, even on the lowly GBA.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 35%. These wheels aren’t so hot.