Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 Review

Date: 1/3/2006

Supersonic Warriors 2 is the first Dragon Ball Z fighter to appear on the DS, with the “2” actually referring to a GBA game. So we have the second game in the series that’s the first on the DS. Got that? If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan then I’m sure you do as it takes a certain degree of mental fortitude just to keep track of all of the various timelines and sagas within the Dragon Ball Z universe. Granted, familiarity with the DBZ universe is not required to play this game, but it sure helps.

Anyway, Supersonic Warriors 3 does not deviate much from the mold of its predecessor despite the move to a new handheld system. You’ve still got a straightforward beat-em-up, albeit one in which you can fling energy blasts at your foe. Supersonic Warriors 2 is not for the subtle tactician, as button mashing can very often win the day, especially if in all that mashing you unleash a high proportion of energy attacks. You’ll do even better if you make use of the game’s simple block system and occasionally block an incoming attack. Pressing B will perform a block that is basically always successful, but each block adds points to a special meter that when filled will temporarily stun your fighter.

Supersonic Warriors 2 makes very little use of the DS’ touch screen with all of the action taking place on the main screen. The touch screen is used to switch fighters during the team-based battles by tapping on a picture of the fighter you want to send into the battle.

Dragon Ball Z fans will appreciate the game’s story-based modes. These modes follow the adventures of a single character from the sagas and let you fight their famous battles yourself. There’s just enough story in the story modes to provide context to Dragon Ball Z fans, but if you’re unfamiliar with the series then you’ll still pretty much be so even after playing through the game. In addition to the story modes, you can play individual fights between any two of the characters appearing the game – either against the computer or versus a friend via the DS’ wireless connection. A tutorial mode is also included that is good for players new to DBZ games.

Supersonic Warriors 2 is a decent if simple fighter but you can’t help but get the fell that it began life as a GBA game and was converted for the DS. If there is a Supersonic Warriors 3 then I hope that it makes more of an effort to integrate the DS’ touch screen into the gameplay.

If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Z and are looking for a challenging and deep fighter you may want to pass on this game. Dragon Ball Z fans will enjoy the game though, and should consider adding it to their portable game collection.

In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 70%. Love Dragon Ball Z and you’ll like the game.