Grim Joggers (iPhone) Review

In Short
The fun lasts for just about as long as a typical jog...

Grim Joggers is one of those games that you can't beat, where the object is simply to see how far you can get before you inevitably lose. As is typical for such games, the premise is pretty simple. You're in charge of a group of joggers who for some reason feel the need to get their exercise in dangerous environments filled with traps, cliffs, and pits. The joggers relentlessly run through these environments and as they go scrolling by you are in charge of the lead jogger in the queue, well, insofar as telling him when to jump, that is. The rest of the joggers follow the actions of the lead jogger in the way that the tail end of a rope will eventually wag when you shake the head. If your lead jogger dies, then the new lead jogger takes over. Once you're out of joggers, you're scored on the total distance ran in terms of calories burned (and as a humorous aside, in terms of the type and amount of food that makes up that calorie total).

As with most other games like this, there's an initial period where you will push to beat your totals, pick up a few achievements, and try to unlock additional levels. However, the dirt-simple gameplay eventually leads to boredom even though the levels are quasi-randomized. It's also a bit annoying that the trailing joggers have a high mortality rate even when you make the jumps that you need to with the lead jogger. The line is long enough that the obstacles and traps almost always pick a jogger or two off of the tail end.

If this all sounds like your kind of game, then you'll appreciate Grim Jogger's presentation, graphics, and sense of humor. Otherwise, it will probably hold your interest for just a short time before you move on to something else.

Final Rating: 65%

Transmitted: 4/23/2014 4:23:57 AM