A Moon for the Sky (iPhone) Review

In Short
This game is easy to pick up and play by offering progression, customization, something to work for, and a unique style all its own.

The game is simple: slice at the screen to create a trampoline in the air for your moon to bounce higher and higher until you reach the top of the level. If you let the moon fall, you must restart, and as you progress the levels add more and more obstacles for you to avoid. The challenge is trying to collect as many stars along the way and getting to the top as quickly as possible.

The biggest frustration is the lack of screen size, and that if your moon loses steam on the side of the screen it will be difficult to draw there. Its hard to see where you are going, so even if you string together a series of successful jumps you can always run into something that ends the ride. If you want the really high scores you have to draw fast, which is only attainable through memorization of each level.

That might not be much of a problem given that that game will force you to grind away at the few starter levels in order to unlock the next set. Your alternative is to pay real cash for more coins Ill leave that for you to decide if its a dirty tactic or chump change. These coins can unlock more levels, different moon shapes, and extra lives for infinite mode. The infinite mode, or No-limit as its called, is the only other mode to play besides the adventure.

You wont be able to deny the production value of this game. Everything is smooth and polished, from the graphics to the menus, to how the game plays and recognizes your controls, the sound effects and music; its all there. Unfortunately, there seems to have been something lost in translation as the very little text in the game is slightly goofy, possibly on purpose. Not a big deal, but sure to irritate some who play something that could easily be fixed with an update.

Final Rating: 87%

Transmitted: 4/23/2014 4:10:58 PM