Red Card Rampage (iPhone) Review

In Short
It may be rough around some of its edges, but if youd like to watch soccer referees (literally) lose their heads while you play a decent physics puzzler then Red Card Rampage may be for you.

Red Card Rampage is the iPhone version of a popular flash based physics game called Soccer Balls. The game tugs at the emotional strings of any player or fan that has ever been wronged by an official and would like to exact revenge by striking them down. Its a puzzler though, so as the complexity of each level increases youll have to rely on teamwork, precision aiming, and timing. Controls for Red Card Rampage are remarkably simple and only involve dragging your finger to an area of the screen that will give your ball the desired power and trajectory. I am especially a fan of the feature that lets you begin a shot with one finger, and switch to another if you cant quite see whats going on under the first one you laid down. Physics and hit detection have been solidly adopted which means that with the right amount of skill you are always able to duplicate a shot without random bounces, falls, or glitching. The graphics have all been recently updated to retina quality levels which adds a nice touch (and a little bit of life) to the somewhat static world they live in. While the sound for Red Card Rampage is very clean, accurate, and a little bit funny at times, it definitely can get repetitive and I found myself muting everything so that I could enjoy other finer parts of the game. As of their latest version (1.0.1) there are only 36 levels to work through, and while those levels can be very challenging it didnt feel like it was difficult to go back afterwards and achieve the highest scores possible which kind of kills the replay value for this otherwise well constructed game. For the $1 asking price, I cant say that Im all that hesitant to recommend it. It could definitely use another handful of levels and some sort of leader board integration for high scores, quickest times, etc. but, if youre a fan of soccer or even just a good physics puzzler, this should hold you over for a few hours.

Final Rating: 60%

Transmitted: 4/18/2014 2:50:27 PM