Atlantis - Legend of the Mermaids (iPhone) Review

In Short
Control issues, hit or miss art style, and if you've played an arcade game in the 90's you won't be too impressed.

Atlantis is an old-school shoot-em-up that makes no apologies for its level of difficulty, imprecise controls, and lack of innovation. Playing this game is like taking a time machine back 40 years or so to when video game developers were first figuring out how to make games and slapping some comic-book art over it all - which I suppose looks great if you just like comic-book art in general, or it could make you immediately regret buying this game. For some, this kind of arcade-ish experience will be welcome because you either never played a game like this or really enjoyed this kind of game back in the day.

You basically play Aquaman if Aquaman couldn't breathe underwater, and you start with a harpoon gun that can be upgraded or swapped for bigger weapons such as a shotgun and stun club. It's a side-scrolling game where you must free mermaids, kill fish, grab money, and spend your money at shops.  The levels are a tad long if you take your time, with bosses at the end of each segment of levels.

The game probably isn't nearly as hard as it could be, but there is no safety net under you if you don't know what you're doing. If you're starved for side-scrolling or are really desperate for breast physics, maybe this game is perfect for you.

Final Rating: 75%

Transmitted: 4/17/2014 3:51:50 AM