Another World (iPhone) Review

In Short
The way games used to be...

This is the 20th anniversary release of an old gem. It may not be its own genre, but there are many platformers that have a minimalistic quality, which in turn makes these games very hard. If you want to play a re-released, lesser-known classic, Another World won't disappoint, and it won't be easy.

The game's story has the hero getting teleported to an alternate universe while conducting some sort of particle experiment at his basement laboratory. The game uses a cel-shaded look (called Rotoscoping) that helps give the game its minimalist sense while also looking cinematic; attention to detail makes each frame stand out. Each level may stick in your head because you will most likely play them over and over.

Two things make the game difficult: you won't know how to advance and you won't know what is around the corner. This is evident by the first playable moment where if you don't realize you are in control, the beast from below will kill you. There are no cues, no message tells you to swim up, and moments later you will be running from a beast. From there you are dropped in a prison where you may spend an hour or so figuring out how to get out of there, even though there are only 10 or so frames to figure out.

That describes the whole game. If you knew everything you had to do, the game would be short and sweet. With the element of the unknown and being absolutely devoid of the hand-holding you see in every triple-A title released today, you will either feel nostalgic or mistake the game for being poorly developed. You could look at it that way, that the game should have improved on the original as there are many improvements that could have enhanced the experience. As it stands, Another World is a game you play for the love of gaming, for better or worse.

Final Rating: 83%

Transmitted: 8/28/2014 9:10:50 PM