Burn it All - Journey to the Sun (iPhone) Review

In Short
A fun little arcade puzzler...

Burn it all is a mix of puzzle and arcade game that will test both your reflexes and mind. The basic goal of each level is to burn all of the rope on the screen before the timer runs out. To set a rope on fire, you need to drag a little fireball from the bottom right corner of the screen to the rope that you want to light. As soon as you light anything, the rope will begin to burn along its length and the fireball will be extinguished. You then need to wait for a new fireball to generate, and then you you'll be able to drag the new one to the next rope that you want to light. The puzzle aspect comes into play in choosing which order that you should light the ropes. Some rope types burn faster than others and long ropes will naturally take longer to burn. Ropes might also be twisted around each other, and you might be blocked from lighting one rope until another burns down a bit first. The arcade aspect comes into play in that you need to protect your fireball until it reaches the rope that you want to light. Drops of water fall from the top of the screen and vents blow blasts of air are among the hazards that can douse your fireball and cause you to lost precious seconds as you wait for the next one to generate.

I found the combination of arcade and puzzle gameplay enjoyable, and my only complaints with the game are more issues with the iPhone than with the game itself. Sometimes while dragging the fireball you can lose contact with it, accidentally leaving it behind somewhere along the way without at first realizing it. Also, using your finger to drag the fireball naturally obscures it and this can sometimes make it difficult to negotiate some of the maze-like parts of a level or dodge some of the drops and other obstacles in your path.

Final Rating: 88%

Transmitted: 4/17/2014 3:50:58 PM