A.I.R. Defense (iPhone) Review

In Short
What happens when you cross Flight Control with a tower defense game?

AIR (Air Force International Regiment) Defense is a cross between the smash hit Flight Control and any defense game (whether a stationary soldier or tower defense game). In Flight Control you simply set paths for incoming planes to land safely; in a defense game you are to defend yourself from incoming enemy waves. With these two genres combined against a Geometry Wars art style you have a game with a lot of potential to be addictive.

Each level has you with a base and you can build only a certain number of aircraft to help you defend from the incoming alien onslaught. You send your units by setting their path with your finger, and the accuracy of the detection is spot on. Youre allowed to attacking as many times as your ammo for that unit allows, and you can upgrade every unit or sell them to build something else from the decent selection of varied craft.

The enemy will send tanks of various abilities that range from durability to their own firepower. This is where any Flight Control lessons will help because youll be micro-managing the entire field, requiring you to send units on paths so that they will be safe and return while your attention is elsewhere; if units did not automatically unload their entire payload when not given orders is a nice touch. You can even unleash a few powers from your base to help when overwhelmed.

There is not much more to this game, but I get the feeling that if not restricted to the iPhone screen this game could be much more fun. Maps with the base in the middle are a bit odd as youll have just seconds to react to anything coming from the top or bottom. Other than that, I would expect to soon see a game with these same mechanics plus towers.

Final Rating: 85%

Transmitted: 4/23/2014 12:49:08 PM