Atari Cartridge Wallet Review

In Short
Let Pong hold your money for you...

If you're looking to impress your gamer friends, the next time you're out with them and it comes time to pay pull out an Atari 2600 cartridge, pop it open, and grab your credit card.  The Atari Cartridge Wallet's creator Niles Zwolak scours flea markets and garage sales for old 2600 carts in good condition and convert them into wallets.  The cartridges are cut in half and then hinged, creating a dual-fold wallet.  The original innards are put to use to hold cash and credit cards in place, including the original ROM which forms the credit card holder and the spring on the cartridge latch which holds the money.  Small magnets keep the wallet securely closed when you're carrying it.

The wallets are more for generating conversation than for practicality for the average guy who carries the wallet in his pocket - would you want to spend the day sitting on a hard plastic cartridge.  Women will have it easier if they carry their wallets in their purses, though.  The wallets are put together well, but I'm not sure if some of the interior parts would hold up under daily abuse.  take one with you to ComicCon or PAX, though, and you're sure to score some gamer points with the other attendees.

The wallets are available for $35 to $55 and can be found at

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Transmitted: 8/31/2014 12:12:10 AM