Wrong Turn 3 Blu-ray Review

In Short
Wrong Turn 3 continues the story of Three Fingers and his family of cannibals and doesn't hold back any punches from their bloody rampage.

When was the last time you actually turned your head from the violence that took place on the screen during a horror movie? I find that many horror movies nowadays leave too much to the imagination, especially during a murder scene. In many of the 1980 horror flicks, we see many gruesome deaths displayed in full view but in many of the current horror movies, the camera cuts away from the violence a lot of times and leaves the slaughter to the viewer's imagination. Wrong Turn 3 is much like an 80's horror movie in that it shows the viewer all the blood-soaked carnage that takes place during a kill sequence.

Wrong Turn 3 continues the tale of Three Fingers and his inbred family of cannibals. At the beginning of the movie some unlucky campers get lost and have an unfortunate meeting with Three Fingers. The film certainly doesn't hold anything back as the campers accidentally step into traps and meet their end rather quickly to Three Fingers himself. The main story begins as a group of convicts are transported elsewhere from a prison. The bus that they travel in is sabotaged and the convicts escape then the hunt is on for Three Fingers as the convicts and security guards fight among each other for control while Three Fingers watches from the shadows of the wooded area and moves in for his attack every so often.

The film sets up a rather nice three-sided conflict with Three Fingers, the convicts and the security guards that kept me entertained until the end. There is rarely a moment of slowdown throughout the entire film. Characters are not that deep, but each of them gives off enough personality to keep them from being dull.

As already mentioned, the film is quite violent. Every death is showcased and the camera never cuts away from the blood-soaked murder sequences. It's much like watching a film with Tom Savini special effects. When an arrow is shot through the head of a person, we get to see the arrow pierce through an eyeball and the frontal portion of the head of the victim instead of a simple scream followed by a camera switch as the arrow lodges through the back of the person's head.

The Blu-ray only contains a few extras. It has a few deleted scenes and a "Behind the Scenes" documentary for the film, which really isn't that much for a Blu-ray release. The sound and picture is absolutely perfect all the time in this Blu-ray version.

Overall, Wrong Turn 3 is quite a good horror movie. It's got several gruesome death scenes and an overall good setup for a horror movie. Down to its bloody conclusion I was never disappointed with the movie. If you're looking for a good horror movie that is actually bloody and scary, then Wrong Turn 3 would be a good pickup.

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Transmitted: 4/24/2014 8:26:27 PM