Important Things with Demetri Martin DVD Review

In Short
Demetri Martin examines important things like coolness and chairs...

Important Things with Dmitri Martin is not your typical comedy show. The deadpan comic bases each show on a theme such as safety, coolness, power, or chairs, and then puts together a collection of sketches, skits, line drawings, songs, and monologues that are loosely connected by the theme. Martin's particular brand of humor will appeal to those who prefer a more intellectual kind of comedy filled with wordplay and interesting observations. When you throw so many things out there not everything hits, but that which does will have you laughing as much at its cleverness as its humor. If you prefer your comedy loud and filled with obscenities you'll quickly be turned off by the show, but if your humor runs towards quirky and clever you'll probably enjoy it and perhaps enjoy it quite a bit.

The first season is comprised of seven episodes - Power, Safety, Brains, Games, Chairs, Timing, and Coolness.  In addition, there are a collection of deleted scenes taken from those episodes, some of which are funny and some of which were cut from the episodes for obvious reasons.

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Transmitted: 4/19/2014 11:10:25 AM