Friday the 13th, Part 3 DVD Review

In Short
Part 3 finally establishes the hockey mask wearing Jason that a good majority of us dressed up as one Halloween. Right?

Jason, mother is talking to you again. She wants you to wake up from that horrid final blow that the survivor from your last rampage delivered unto you and seek out revenge against anyone that dares to set foot into the Camp Crystal Lake area. Make mother proud. That's my good boy, good Jason. After a while of watching the Friday the 13th series, you start to notice that this is the setup for just about every sequel that comes after Part 2.

Friday the 13 Part 3 takes place very shortly after Part 2. Much like Part 2 showcased the final moments of the original, Part 3 reminds us of the last chase sequence in Part 2. No machete blow to the back can keep Jason down for the count. Jason has lost his cloth bag that covered his face in Part 2 and ventures around half of the movie without a mask, but that soon changes about midway through when he dons the famous hockey mask that will go on to be his most recognized feature for the remainder of the series. Not only is this the first installment with his new face apparel but it also shows why he has that cut in the upper left portion of his mask in many of the other sequels.

In Part 3, another group of unruly counselors venture into the Camp Crystal Lake area while on a camping trip. Unlike Part 2, the characters in Part 3 are slightly more interesting and aren't there to simply die. Part 3 has quite a few deaths in it and they take place throughout the movie rather than waiting until a good bit of the movie is over unlike Part 2. The majority of the film was originally showcased in 3-D back when it was originally released and this DVD version has both the 2-D and 3-D versions of the movie. The package includes two pairs of the 3-D glasses for the 3-D version.

Whether the movie is watched in 2-D or 3-D, it still holds up well as a good slasher experience. The 3-D features feel rather thrown in most of the time, with characters placing objects close to the screen or having an object suddenly fly toward the camera. The main 3-D experience is showcased with the characters appearing to stand out from the background for the most part. The film is just as enjoyable in 2-D since the 3-D appearance is not really that emphasized.

Even though the front of the box mentions that this film is mastered in high definition, I found it to be much like its original VHS quality really. The film can look quite grainy the majority of the time and the camera never really does showcase a clean and crisp image. When compared to the fine extras that were placed on Part 1 and 2's DVD release, Part 3 is really lacking when it comes to special features. The only special feature included in this installment is the original trailer from when the film was first released. The 2-D and 3-D versions of the movie must have taken up all the room I suppose.

Part 3 is one of the more important sequels in the series since it establishes the Jason image that we will come to know for the remainder of the series. The final chase scene is just as long but not quite as memorable as the past installments, but there are quite a few tributes to the original here and there in this movie. Jason even reenacts one of his mother's famous killings from the original. It's a worthy pickup for a horror fan and the movie itself is actually slightly better overall than Part 2, but the grainy picture and lack of special features bring it right back down to Part 2's level.

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Transmitted: 8/20/2014 10:17:50 PM