Steel Sound 5H

In Short
Surround sound headphones designed for gamers.

The Steel Sound 5H headset is built for gamers. Theyre designed to be worn for hours during extended gaming sessions without causing ear fatigue. Most standard headsets apply pressure to the ears which can lead to a dull throbbing pain in the ears when worn for too long. The Steel Sound 5H features lightweight cup style earpieces that surround the entire ear without putting direct pressure on it. The entire headset is surprisingly light, so its not just a matter of transferring all the weight to the headpiece.

Another indication that youve got a gamers headset here is the retractable microphone. The mics boom slides easily into the headset so that it can be neatly tucked away when youre playing games without a chat or voice command option.

The Steel Sound 5H can be used as a standard headset by plugging it into the headphone and microphone jacks on your computer. However, to really get the full experience (and your moneys worth) out of this headset youll want to use it with its special USB plug. This plug is special because it has a dedicated sound card built right into it. Youll need to install special drivers for it, but it coexists peacefully with your systems sound card. When the headset is not plugged into the USB port, sound will come out of your speakers as before. Plug the headset into your USB port and the 5Hs soundcard takes over.

The sound quality is quite good I dont know how an audiophile would rate them but as a gamer I was impressed. Even more impressive is the sound control panel that is installed when you install the USB drivers. This control panel features the basic volume and balance controls, but takes things further as well. You get a bunch of preset sound filters that let you adjust the sound to make it seem like youre in an arena, stone room, etc. Personally I found these all to generate a bit too much echo or reverb for my tastes. There is also a graphic equalizer that lets you fine tune the sound. This is handy for gamers as youll probably want a lot more bass for your shooters than for your strategy games. The centerpiece of the control panel is the virtual speaker configuration. You can adjust the apparent distance to each of the virtual speakers in the surround system, and even drag and drop them to new locations. Its pretty cool to drag a speaker around the icon of your head in the program and actually hear it move around your head. With this degree of tweaking, youre sure to find a set-up that you like.

The Steel Sound 5H is great choice for gamers. Use it to play games and watch movies on your laptop or at home when you dont want to disturb sleeping family and neighbors. In the latter case, the sound is so good that you wont feel that youre sacrificing much at all by turning off your systems speakers.

Final Rating: If youre a gamer and youre looking for a headset or an easy way to add surround sound to your games, than the Steel sound 5H is a great choice.

Transmitted: 4/23/2014 7:09:40 AM