NBA Control Pad Pro

In Short
Add some bling to your PS2 or Xbox.

NBA Xbox Control Pad Pro - Phoenix SunsSpecial edition logo controllers often turn out to be a disappointment.  Many companies are not ashamed to slap a logo on a cheap controller and let the license do the selling for them.  Happily this is not the case with the NBA Control Pad Pro from Mad Catz.  This is one well-built controller that can withstand many extended play sessions and still remain very responsive.  The Control Pad Pro feels comfortable in your hands (normal-sized hands that is - you don't need Shaq-sized hands for a good grip here) and features rubber grips that help keep the controller in your sweaty palms during those double-overtime games.  The sticks also feature rubber grips that help you cut through the opposition with a precision touch. 

The controllers are available for every NBA team, and come in each team's official colors and emblazoned with each team's logos.  The logos are not stickers slapped onto a controller, but are a part of the controller itself and are encased in the same impact-resistant polycarbonate shell as the entire controller.  Yep, you can drop this controller and otherwise abuse it and it will still look great.

If you're an NBA fan and looking for a new controller for your Xbox or PS2, you can't go wrong with the NBA Control Pad Pro.  Heck, even if you're not the biggest basketball fan in the neighborhood you should still get one to make your NBA fan friends jealous...

Final Rating: This controller is as good as they come, and looks stylish too.

Transmitted: 8/22/2014 9:40:36 AM