My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas DVD Review

In Short
A story in need of less Minty and more Santa...

If you're reading this review, then I doubt that you're a three year old girl and won't find that my synopsis of the plot of My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas ruins the story for you.  Christmas time has come to the land of the Little Ponies, a place with more pink and purple pastels than you've probably seen in your life.  A well-meaning but clumsy Minty manages to break the magical candy cane the ponies use to guide Santa to their village, and after a misguided attempt to pretend to be Santa and leave socks as gifts for all of the ponies decides to travel to the North Pole to meet Santa and guide him back to the Little Ponies' town.  After all, we are told that without Santa, there is no Christmas - a message I'm sure that we're all trying to convey to our children.

A Very Minty Christmas is a re-release, as evidenced by the inclusion in the package of a coupon for Chuck E. Cheese that expired over two years ago.  After watching the DVD, it's fairly obvious that the repackaging of the DVD is an attempt to get rid of inventory that probably didn't sell very well in the first place.  A Very Minty Christmas is only about 40 minutes long, but still manages to come across as a thin story stretched out about as long as possible.  The story feels like a half-hearted, by the numbers affair that doesn't try to offer more entertainment to children than looking into the large and pretty eyes of pastel-colored ponies.  There are a few thoroughly generic and completely forgettable songs in the movie that won't inspire your child to sing along or even to remember the song five minutes later (perhaps that's a good thing - do you really want your kid singing "Nothing Says Christmas Like a Pair of Socks"?).  Perhaps the most disappointing and oddest thing about this movie is that Santa never makes an appearance.  Even though "with no Santa, there is no Christmas", Santa leaves two handwritten notes behind that are read by the ponies and that's it for the jolly old elf.  Perhaps he was worried  that an appearance in this movie would be damaging to his reputation.

Even if this were an average children's story, this DVD would still not be a very good deal.  For $15 you get the Christmas show, an unrelated episode of the My Little Pony animated series, and a couple of sing-alongs (which the DVD refers to as sing-a-longs) for songs that are entirely forgettable.  Unless you have a three year old who lives and breathes My Little Pony, save your child from this muck and save yourself some money.

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Transmitted: 8/22/2014 7:42:16 AM