101 Dalmatians review

In Short
Cruela is even scarier in person...

Spots, spots, oh those wonderful spots. Cruela De Vil simply cant get spots out of her mind and just has to have them for her new line of clothes, and no spots are better than those she finds on a Dalmatians back. Further, the coarse coat of an adult Dalmatian just wont due, so the best spots are on the soft pelts of Dalmatian puppies.

Meanwhile, Pongo and Perdy, the two Dalmatian heroes of the tale, are busy falling in love and having a litter of 15 puppies who are soon kidnapped by De Vils henchmen, along with every other Dalmatian in London. Pongo and Perdy enlist the help of the citys other animals (as well as their human companions) to free the puppies and face down Cruela.

Glen Close is divine as De Vil, and possibly scarier than her character in Fatal Attraction. Disney has done a fine job with this animated-classic-turned-live-action movie, expertly using the cityscape of London to enhance the story. While a great family movie, parents of younger children be warned. Cruela in live action can be a bit scarier and a bit more real than her animated counterpart, and while the Dalmatians are a big draw, attention is a bit harder to keep than with animation.

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Transmitted: 8/31/2014 12:13:17 AM